Week 27 Update

Hi my lovelies!

Hope everyone is feeling good!  I still find even at the end of the 2nd trimester it’s still such a roller coaster in feeling fab then like i’ve been hit by a bus!  Either sickness comes on or I feel completely wiped out & exhausted.

Last Saturday I started feeling sick, hot, cold, blurred vision and then I fainted on the train which was actually quite scary as I was on my own, but a women with her little boy was amazing and the train attendant stayed in the carriage until I got off.   It was a bit of a realisation that maybe I have been doing too much and rushing around like I used too isn’t really possible anymore.  After I shared what happened in my story a lot of you messaged saying you think you’ve been over doing it too.  We need to remember we have a little human growing inside of us,  so if you haven’t been feeling great a lesson for us all – lets remember what our bodies are doing for us & SLOW DOWN!

I also have quite low blood pressure & pregnancy can cause this too, which can be due to the hormone change, blood loss (if you have any spotting through the pregnancy), fatigue, not having enough sodium & the increased fluid volume.  The blood circulation is working over time, and this can lead to bouts of low blood pressure when exhausted.  So if you are worried about yours your midwife should check this on our appointments & you can call the 24 hour pregnancy helpline at any time.

On a positive note after a quiet Sunday and cancelling a lot of plans this week I have been feeling so much better for it.

Last week I also started my  Bundle London antenatal classes.  Partners are welcome, despite Adam thinking he was going to be the only man there, there was a lot of supporting fathers & I think they got more into it than us haha!

The first 2 classes (all together a total of 5 sessions each 3 hours long) which covered early labour (how to know you are in labour, what to do, when to stay at home & when to go into hospital) ways to cope & monitor contractions… I didn’t realise I actually had no idea about any of this!  Yesterday was ‘Labour’ with Vicky, a midwife from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital who was brilliant, answered 10000 questions that we all had & went over the 3 main stages of labour in a lot of detail:

First stage – cervix dilates to 10 cms
Second stage – baby is born
Third stage – placenta & membranes are delivered

We have decided as long as I remain low risk my birth plan is at a Birthing centre – which many hospitals have & I really recommend visiting & looking into them, especially if hospitals freak you out like me.  I like the fact it feels in-between a home birth & labour ward, they are also just midwife led.  If your birth plan needs to change & you need intervention then the labour ward is usually above or just next door.  A lot of the women who hadn’t heard about the birthing centre & after discussing in the class seemed to becoming very open & excited about the idea of it to.

The next classes are on Early days with your baby, Breastfeeding specialist, caring for your baby & babies sleep with a sleep expert.

The best thing about the classes was being fully informed & putting you in a position to make informed, confident decisions based on everything you know to do exactly what is right & best for you.

Lots of love,

Tess x


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