St.Ewe Delicious & Magical Eggs

‘St Ewe’ – Free Range – Boost the Roost and Rich Yolk Eggs

Poached, protein pancakes and puddings, usually in my breakfast through to dinner, a versatile and important ingredient for cooking – I am egg obsessed.

But why this brand….?

The benefits of Selenium and DHA Omega 3;

  • Incredible nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • ‘Complete’ source of protein, containing all eight essential amino acids.
  • High in the ‘good’ Cholesterol, people who have higher levels of this ‘good cholesterol usually have a lower risk of heart disease and heart problems in addition to aiding healthy circulation.
  • Contain antioxidants that have major benefits for eye, brain and nerve development.  In addition to maternal health and cognitive function in the elderly (slowing the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease).
  • Helps regulate your thyroid hormone production, and plays an important role in fertility.
  • DHA & EPA fatty acids play a very important part in carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity.  Long-term maintenance of normal blood glucose concentrations.
  • Immune system boosting, containing Vitamin A, B12 and selenium
    This leads me onto OMEGA 3!

As with most things it’s all about quality, it matters what the foods that we eat, ate.  With regards to eggs, to receive all the real benefits it is important to pick wisely.  Which is why I love the queens of eggs – St. Ewe.

Consuming just 2 ‘Boost the Roost’ eggs every day gives you, your recommended daily intake up to 60% of Selenium and 40% of DHA & EPA Omega3!

These ‘Boost the Roost’ eggs contain high levels of organic selenium and DHA Omega 3. Naturally fed to the hens, who in turn absorb and deposit these important minerals and nutrients into the eggs.   Being the only egg in the UK to be enriched in this way, the boost is so beneficial to our diets!

The selenium is grown on a specific strain of yeast – this is important as the selenium in this form has better bio-availability – meaning the hens take it up much more efficiently, as do humans. The hens are healthier as a result, their immune systems, antioxidant defence, reproductive systems and fertility are also boosted, and the selenium is deposited in their eggs helping to keep them fresh.  All eggs contain some selenium but Boost the Roost eggs are regularly tested to ensure that the selenium content is high.

Local, British and independent… These are the kind of people we should be supporting, not only do they put their knowledge and care into producing such a product they nurture the chickens in the process!

St Ewe Free Range Eggs is a family run fun based in Cornwall, recognised through multiple awards for its innovation, quality and development.  They are sold in shops and supermarkets all over Cornwall and across the UK, as well as via online grocery delivery schemes, including Ocado!

For bakers, cafes and restaurants I can’t recommend their ‘Rich Yolk’ enough!  Not only do they taste delicious they give the dish the rich colour and perfect ‘yolk porn’  snap!  They are also available from Wholegood Supply.

I love a breakfast creation so check out my Instagram for weekly recipes and snaps!

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