My view on plant based food


I was so excited to hear about the collaboration between Tesco and Derek Sarno, and to be invited to a preview evening of the Wicked Kitchen range, which is now on sale at Tesco Food.   The 20 vegan friendly products range from wraps to pizzas and colourful bowls, their philosophy is so refreshing and simple.

They’re demonstrating everything that’s tasty about plants, in addition to using veggies in such a creative way!

I thought the variety of mushroom based dishes that Derek cooked were mind blowing not only visually but they had taste and texture of pulled pork, chicken kebabs & scallops. It was hard to get your head around the fact that they were just different types of mushrooms!  Hopefully the launch of this range will result in people consuming more of a variety of plant based ingredients and have a positive impact on health and the environment by consuming less meat!

I loved the Rainbow Curry Bowl, full of curried pulses with fiery sweet potato, onion bhajis, deeeelicious with fragrant mango & a cool minty dressing, which is gluten free.

It is great to see the industry growing and shifting more towards plant-based food, making it easily accessible and delicious for all!

For me I would say I am ‘flexitarian’ I consume a predominately plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat (only ethically sourced white meat & fish).  My mentality with food is if I really want something I will have it.  My diet is just plant based, balanced, seasonal and nutritional food.  If it makes me feel good I eat it.  I don’t “diet or restrict” myself because I believe food should be eaten with pleasure not with guilt, eating intuitively and listening to your body is the best way you can fuel yourself, leading to both a healthy body and mind



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