Manifesting your own Happiness & Dreams

So we have had some really exciting news this month & October has landed us with the keys to our first home!  ?

It feels like everything has all come at once, but it’s funny when something happens it really kicks everything to just go go go & this year really has done just that..

I wanted to focus this weeks blog post on manifesting your own happiness & dreams.

I wouldn’t say I’m super spiritual but I have experienced the power of a positive mindset & how that has had a huge impact on my life.

Something I get asked a lot on instagram is.. Is there a reason behind my positive quotes I post each day & have I always been so positive & happy?.. The answer is no, at times in my life, it has been quite the opposite! But anyone who’s going through a hard time, trust me when I say this..  When you pick yourself up, realise you deserve more & are determined to live better someone up there will look out for you too.  Maybe not all at once, but step by step you get there.  I believe we are guided through life to be tested, challenged & experience the hard times so we can then really appreciate the good.

I don’t really like to talk about the past because it feels like a lifetime ago, but these experiences have helped friends so I hope will help you guys too..

I’ve cried & cried wanted to lock myself away then had to go into work for a job I HATED every single day, not just on a Monday then realise I survived by Friday.  I’ve had -£0000 in my bank account & been in a mental abusive relationship.  Had family illnesses to top it all off when it’s felt like it wasn’t possible for anything else to go wrong.

But only I could sort my life out & I’m proud of myself that I did to get to where I am now so please believe me when I say you can do exactly the same!

Release your past…

positive mentality – this can be hard when you are in a bad mental headspace, especially when some one says just be positive (you want to punch them in the face).  But you can get so fixated on the negative that you oversea anything good or opportunities that are right in front of you from being seen.

The power of people – having the right relationships; friends, partners & family in your life are really powerful to have for the way we feel, act & go about our daily life! Toxic relationships need to be got rid of or managed in a way to not effect your mental health & happiness. You need the kind of energy that empowers you to live happier & with a positive outlook on life, not negative Nancy’s that drain the life out of yours too.

That bad relationship – after being in a mentally abusive relationship, it felt like the hardest thing I did was to walk away from the toxic poison that I was surrounded by.  I then never felt so alone but learning to be OK & comfortable on my own taught me so much about myself, I started to find who I was again & realised that I would never let myself be disrespected in that way ever ever again.  I hate the cliche “love yourself” “self love” sayings but that’s basically what I needed to do.  My ‘self love’ & confidence level were zero!  But I was not letting myself jump into another relationship to ‘feel better’ for all the wrong reasons that in the long term would not heal or help me.

Good relationships – these are gold, they get you through the tough times, encourage you to do better, realised how you should feel & be treated.  A break from someone be it a friend or partner will either make you realise how much you truly miss/love them or how much peace you have without them.

Be grateful 

When times are tough we oversea anything good & miss all that is good around us.  Write down all the things you are grateful for, it’s usually more than you initially think.  Focus on how these things are your future & let them take over the space in your head.

Realistic goals & aspirations 

I absolutely encourage everyone to have these, but also remember to be a realistic to match your expectations.  You don’t want to live in constant disappointment so;

  • Identify & priorities the main things you want right now.
  • Realistic pillars to achieve these things, stepping stones & timeline to get there.
  • Just stop, breathe, meditate, do yoga or go for a walk/run… Anything that gives you a chance to think, clear your head & forget about your phone.
  • Get rid of anything that causes you to not move forward, or hold onto things that aren’t good for us.  Block that ex, delete those messages that you’ve re-read 1000 times.  Get unstuck from that job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled, embrace the clean slate & everything that the future holds for you.

Manifesting means picturing your future so vividly & confidently, the thing you’re visualizing actually happens…

Adam & I were on our honeymoon in January, I popped the notebook & pen that was in our hotel room in my bag & t0ok it dinner.  We were sat on a beach & I said let’s write down our hopes & dreams for the year ahead…

  1. Make health & happiness a priority
  2. Discover at least 2 new places together
  3. Our own first home
  4. Grow our own little family
  5. Spend more time with our families
  6. Build our own family business

We put out what we wanted & had a clear focus to creative ways to make these happen.  It’s important to not get discouraged by setbacks, they may not happen instantly but realistic goals will happen exactly when they are meant to.

All of the above result in happiness for us & I believe we need to live a life that priorities happiness over anything, believe you deserve better & be kind to ourselves that we can only ever do our best.

The best and hardest thing about life is that it keeps teaching so we have to keep learning. Whatever stage you are at remember their is no timeline of when, how, what you should or shouldn’t be doing, we are all individuals who want different things so ignore what anyone else is doing & just do you.

All my love,

Tess x



  1. Meriem
    October 16, 2019 / 9:25 pm

    Thank you Tess for your magical words. I went and still going through some mentally exhausting things and I sometimes lose hope in a better future. But when I hear or see such beautiful words I stand up again. Love from France

  2. Gemma
    November 7, 2019 / 12:40 am

    You are just a lovely human being and I so enjoy the natural positive vibes you kick out our way. I’m pregnant with my first baby and live in the states whilst all my family and friends are in england. I am a constant tangle of worry, excitement, nerves about so many aspects of things and feel like I’m not enough to cope with changes and challenges coming my way…but you actually make me remember I can do anything 🙂

    • London Paleo Girl
      June 9, 2020 / 10:23 pm

      Such a lovely message to receive thank you so much Gemma so kind of you to say! Massive congratulations to you and hope you are doing really well xxxxxxx

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