My Birth Story Of Clara Rose Kelly

I wanted to share with you my incredible labour experience which was via Caesarean section.

For those of you who have followed my journey from the start you will know I had ‘planned/ hoped for’ of a no intervention, vaginal water birth.  After finding out she was in a breech position from 32 weeks we were told we may have to consider an elective caesarean.  I tried everything I could to turn her, from acupuncture, moxi sticks, yoga, spinning babies, reflexology, everything that seemed naturally possible.  We decided against having the ECV procedure as Adam & I felt it was way to evasive, not to mention I heard a few to many awful stories from it, it just didn’t feel right for us & that there must have been a reason she couldn’t or didn’t want to turn.

Every scan that followed we kept finding that she was in fact still head up & wasn’t showing any signs of moving head down.  It took me weeks to get my head around it & at around 36 weeks we had to make the decision to elect for the planned caesarean.  I cried at the scan & continued to go through every thought & emotion possible, I felt disappointed as I had tried everything, scared because of the unknown (that I had to have an operation) & upset that it wasn’t the birth I had hoped of having.

After speaking to others, my mum (I was breech too), friends who had a caesarean & experiences shared by instagram followers it took a week to get my head around it, I then had my baby shower that weekend which really lifted my spirits & made me realise I had a date I was going to meet our daughter & as long as she arrived safely then that really was all that mattered.

In preparation for the birth I did yoga, listened to relaxation visualisation audios & had weekly reflexology.

I really recommend looking into hypnobirthing; there are some amazing courses, 1-1 sessions (we had a days course with Tahnee from Bump & Mind) & online resources, in addition ‘The Positive Birth Company’ shares on their instagram some positive birth experiences which are all so inspiring & shows how much hypnobirthing benefited their labour.  App’s I used were ‘ Inner Power Hypnobirthing’ they do relaxation visualisation & ‘Birth by C-Section’.  Honestly the breathing & calming techniques from hypnobirthing are incredible – so so powerful for body & mind!

Something in my reflexology sessions which really helped me was ‘the white light’ scripts Carly introduced me too from the ‘Gentle Birth Method’ – it is a guided meditation for protection & healing.  I am not usually very ‘woohoo’ or have been into this before, but this was EVERYTHING – I listened to some of the scripts (you can search ‘white light of protection – guided meditation for protection & healing’ on youtube) Carly has also added hers to her website:

I have so much to thank Carly for – not only was the reflexology super beneficial to my body in the lead up to birth, the scripts gave me so much strength & power to accept the caesarean, stay so calm, strong & relaxed throughout the birth.  I listened to a script before I went in & my subconcious mind played the relaxed, calming, protective light which surrounded my your whole body throughout the operation.

The power this gave me still blows my mind, as I said I am not a yogi, nor was I ever into any of this before but wow I couldn’t of imagined remaining in such a calm zone without it!

So onto the birth… what to expect….

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30, I was told I would be going in 2nd, there was a problem with the lady going in ahead of me so before we know it they said right you are first in… I actually think this was a blessing, less time to over think!  The anaesthetist came & spoke to us to run through what would happen & the same with one of our surgeons.  I have to say this was probably the most scary bit – they have to run through all the risks, which is hard when they are saying 1/100 people will experience this etc etc.  I then had the drip put in (not painful at all).  Before I knew it we were being wheeled in – the ‘theatre’ was much smaller than I thought it was going to be, everyone was very chatty & calm.  One of our anaesthetist was called Mark – possibly one of the nicest guys I have ever met & was funny in a really nice way which made it so much more relaxing & calm for Adam & I.

The spinal wasn’t as bad as I thought either, this is where you lie hunch back leaning forward on the side of the bed & they insert a small needle (you have to stay super still) so this is where my script came in, I didn’t think about anything else & hardly felt a thing, just a little sting feeling.  I was then laid down, you start to feel your legs go heavy, which works its way up so you don’t feel any pain below your armpit, this was not painful in anyway at all & they test it is working by spraying ice on you & I couldn’t feel a thing.

The drape went up so I couldn’t see anything boobs down, Mark kept chatting to us, quite a few people entered the room (I think about 10 in total), I am pretty sure Adam & him were chatting about planes at one point!  You are constantly monitored & I felt in such capable hands – they do this multiple times every day!! They then got to work, you feel slight movement in your tummy but nothing uncomfortable.  What felt like minutes & before I knew it, from them starting, the drape was lowered slightly & she was passed to me. I had asked if I could have delayed cord clamping & skin to skin which was the best few minutes of my life.  I can’t explain that feeling, I don’t think I can even describe it.  She may not have come out of my vagina & out of the sunroof instead but having her in my arms was the most incredible feeling.  Adam was also my rock throughout, it is so important that you remember you are a team & you need all the love & support as possible!

Every birth should be seen as magical – because it is!  We made the best choice for us and I really think everything happens for a reason, which means she was 8.11 pounds happy & healthy there was nothing more I could have asked for.  Adam went with the midwife for her to be checked & weighed whilst I got sown back up.  Again no pain & didn’t feel a thing.  Before we knew it we were back where we started & into the recovery bay.  After a few hours of being monitored and an hours feed we were then moved into the maternity ward.

I will continue the post op, recovery period & coming home in next weeks blog post.


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